About Us

About Our Custom Bass Drum Head Methodology

DrumImage are experts in digital graphics solutions. We developed our unique and patent-pending process in response to the frustrations expressed by several bands about their inability to find a good looking, long lasting method to get their band’s name onto their bass drum heads. We quickly realized that the lettering and sticker-type approaches tried by others were simply not designed to withstand the rigors of steady drum play and exposure to all kinds of weather. We also understood that great looks couldn’t come at the expense of the drum’s sound.

From our YouTube Channel:

The special combination of products, process, and application we’ve developed solves these problems. Our DrumImage drum heads provide visually stunning graphics, terrific durability, and great sound integrity.

DrumImage also provides outstanding parade banners and flags, drum decals, and more. You spend a lot of time working on how your band sounds; let us get to work on how your band looks!

DrumImage is part of the SignSource Group, a family of companies dedicated to visual solutions. We’re headquartered in Clark, NJ, a short car, bus, or rail trip from New York City.