Won’t Your Custom Graphics Ruin The Sound of My Bass Drum?

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Won’t Your Custom Graphics Ruin The Sound of My Bass Drum?

Remember the beer ads that argued “Tastes Great!” against “Less Filling!”? The suggestion was that you’d always had to choose one or the other – but, hey, wait a minute – here’s a beer that delivers both!

A similar tradeoff between Looks Great! and Sounds Great! was the accepted norm for Bass Drummers. Until, that is, the 2005 development of DrumImage. We understood that great looks couldn’t come at the expense of your drum’s sound.

If you’re a Bass Drummer in a Pipe & Drum Band, a Marching Band, a Drum & Bugle Corps, or any group where your bass drum is going to be seen and heard, you are going to care – a lot – about what your drum looks like, and what it sounds like. (And maybe not in that order.)

How much a band cares about its image and how much it cares about its sound are going to vary from group to group. And weighing these two objectives against each other often played a big part in the decision as to whether to put the group’s name and/ or logo on a bass drum, because adding these objects to the bass drum skin had a detrimental effect on how the drum sounded.

Well, that was then. This is now. Our special combination of products, process, and application makes the Looks Great! vs. Sounds Great! argument a thing of the past. Your DrumImage custom drum heads will provide visually stunning graphics, great sound integrity, and terrific durability.

Our finished product will have the tone and tenor of a double ply bass drum skin. It can be stretched and tuned to your own exacting standards. It’ll stand up to the incalculable number of impacts you’ll deliver, and to the stress of constant vibration while being played. And your DrumImage heads couldn’t care less about the weather: whether you’re marching in the rain in Seattle or the sunshine in SoCal, your band’s image will remain clear, bright, and sharp.

How did you handle the balance, in the past, between sound and image? I’d like to hear your stories. Send them to Info@DrumImage.com, or give us a call at (732) 882-1886. Who knows – your story may end up in a future blog.  In the meantime, have a look at our custom bass drum  and custom drum decal galleries.  See if something interests you there and let us know!