How Durable are Your Bass Drum Graphics?

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How Durable are Your Bass Drum Graphics?

This is probably the second most frequent question we’re asked (the most frequent is “Can you put graphics on a drum head?”, the answer to which, of course, is the basis for our DrumImage web site).  And it’s a great question, because it’s often rooted in the frustrations of a prior, poor experience with bass drum graphics elsewhere.

We spent the better part of a year, working with a very well know Bass Drum instructor, in developing our DrumImage process.  There were eight criteria we identified as being crucial to the final product, and four of those eight were directly related to durability (see Our Aha! Moment here).

We know the beating (the pun is unavoidable) your drum heads take.  And we know the abuse they’ll suffer from weather, sun, and handling.  So our bass drum graphics solution had to be, first and foremost, durable.  Your bass drum logo, after all, won’t reflect very positively on your band if it’s faded, cracked, flaking, peeling, or worn.

Bass Drum Graphics Comparison

Custom Bass Drum Graphics that can withstand the beating!

The one word answer to your question is “extremely”.  We use specially formulated inks that are UV stable and designed for permanent outdoor use – and no matter how often your band performs, your custom drum heads aren’t going to be outdoors 24/7.

The materials and process we use result in a seamless product that won’t crack, flake, or peel, because the graphic is incorporated into the head.  Your custom logo drum head is as durable as the original drum head itself.  You won’t – you can’t – wear it off.

We’ve been producing custom bass drum graphics with our unique process since 2005.  And of the countless number of heads we’ve made for our clients over the years, the number of heads returned because of a durability issue is zero.

If you’ve had a less than satisfactory experience in the past with bass drum graphics, I’d like to hear about it: tell me what happened at  If you’ve got a picture, send it along as well.

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