Can You Design My Custom Drum Head Graphics?

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Bass Drum Head Design for Pipe and Drum Band

Iona College Custom Bass Drum Design

We understand that in most cases, no matter what kind of group you’re with – a Marching Band, Pipe & Drum Band, Competition Show Band, Club Band – it’s a hobby, not a profession. And that finding the time, the talent, and the resources to create a really terrific looking logo can be a challenge.

Consider us your graphic design “Easy” button.

We’ve got several full time, professionally trained (and, even if I say so myself), very talented graphic artists on staff. And we’ve been designing custom bass drum heads since 2005. The scope of what we’re asked to do varies from group to group; some groups have an existing graphic or logo and have asked that we enhance it, while for others we’re starting from scratch.

Our objective, regardless of the starting point, is to deliver to you a visually stunning graphic that clearly and strongly identifies your band.

Saffron united custom drum graphics

Need custom graphics created for your band? We have you covered!

The immense power of computer based graphic design platforms, when piloted by our experienced designers, allows for an almost limitless range of design possibility. We’ll use color, contrast, shadow, and an array of effects to create just the right look for you.

And if you like, we can create a three dimensional appearance for your two dimensional bass drum heads.

We have a vast library of icons, images, and fonts representing all manner of themes – Gaelic, Military, Sport, Flora / Fauna, Popular, Counterculture, etc. – that can add a degree of familiarity to your custom bass drum head.

Questions about durability, or cost? You’ll find what you’re looking for at our web site,, and I’ve covered these topics in earlier blog posts.

What was the inspiration for your band’s logo? I’d like to hear your stories. Send them to, or give us a call at (732) 882-1886. Who knows – your story may end up in a future blog.