What Should We Put On Our Custom Bass Drum Head?

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What Should We Put On Our Custom Bass Drum Head?

Custom Bass Drum Head Graphic DesignYou’ve made the decision – and it was an easy one – that you’ve just got to get some graphics onto your bass drum head(s). You’re looking for something with high visual impact, something that will leave a lasting impression with those who see it, and something that will enhance your band’s image.

So what, exactly, should that be? And what does that look like?

Great questions. And I’ll take a stab at providing some answers, but let’s first define what we’re talking about: the WHAT. We’re going to talk about the information your head(s) will convey. HOW they convey that information – designs, fonts, colors, arrangement, etc. – are also critically important, but we’ll save that for another blog.

Unless your band has a visual icon with the universal familiarity of, say, the Nike swoosh, your band’s name is the first and most important piece of information you’ll want to display. Your name is the cornerstone of your brand – and make no mistake, you are a brand – just as your uniforms, your sound, and your collective personality are all elements of that brand.

For most Pipe & Drum Bands, Marching Bands, Competition Bands, and Military Bands, the next most important piece of information, after who you are, is where you’re from. The degree of specificity may vary depending on your anticipated audience: “New York City” may be fine if you’re playing to a national or international crowd, but if you’re one of fifteen Pipe & Drum Corps marching up Fifth Avenue in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, you’ll want to be more specific, such as “Cobble Hill, Brooklyn”.

After the “who” and the “where”, many bands feel strongly about conveying the “why”, which is usually some sort of visual imagery that will convey the band’s unique character or the basis for its formation. This is often embodied by a motif, such as a specific Tartan plaid or a gaelic knot; an icon, such as a shield or a military patch; or a mascot.

Beyond these three, we’ve produced custom bass drum heads with all manner of additional information, such as commemoration of specific events or people, humorous double entendres, and past achievements. We even produced a set of custom drum graphics with Morse code.

What’s the most interesting or unusual piece of information you’ve ever seen on a drum head? Let me know at www.DrumImage.com, or give us a call at (732) 882-1886. I’d like to hear from you.