What’s Different About A Custom Bass Drum Head From DrumImage?

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What’s Different About A Custom Bass Drum Head From DrumImage?

Custom Bass Drum Head for MacWe’re often asked to differentiate our custom drum heads from the products offered elsewhere. We love to answer this question, because a) we understand that, unlike toothpaste, custom drum heads aren’t something you purchase regularly, so you’re bound to be somewhat less familiar with this product; b) it gives us a chance to talk about our custom bass drum heads, and we never get tired of that; and c) you’ll learn a bit more than you knew before, and the more you know, the more you’ll realize that DrumImage is the best solution for you.

So what makes us different? (Notice I did not say “better”. We’re perfectly happy to let you make that decision). Here are some of the key points that you should weigh in choosing a custom drum head company:

1) Who’s actually doing the fabrication? Some outfits are really only brokers, who are outsourcing the actual production of your heads. We do everything – design, printing, fabrication – right here. We developed our unique process in concert with a Master bass drum instructor.

2) Can my custom bass drum graphic be worn off? Many outfits offer a product that is nothing more than a sticker applied to the face of your drum head. These may look fine coming out of the box, but this solution simply won’t hold up to the abrasion of constant beating, high frequency vibrations, the stretching caused by constant tuning, and prolonged exposure to the elements. With the DrumImage process, your mallets never touch the graphic, so you simply can’t wear it off. We’ve never had a failure reported due to the stresses of playing and tuning. And our graphics are printed with inks specifically formulated for long exposure to the elements (especially UV light) without fading.

3) Can you design from scratch, or enhance our own graphics? Absolutely. We will gladly work with you, whether you’ve got production-ready artwork or are just starting out. Don’t have a logo? Or maybe you’d like to see if your existing logo can be enhanced? We’ve got a staff of trained graphic artists happy to see how they can be of assistance. And we’ve been helping Pipe & Drum Bands, Marching Bands, Military Bands, Competition Bands, etc., with their logos and designs for about nine years. So we’ve got a lot of relevant experience.

4) What’s the turn-around time? From the time you give us final approval, we can in most cases have your new custom bass drum heads ready to ship in 72 hours or less. Compare that to the 5-8 weeks you’ll be told elsewhere.

These are some of the most important factors you should weight in choosing a company for your custom bass drum graphics. What is most important to you? Let us know at Info@DrumImage.com, or give us a call at (732) 882-1886. We’d like to hear from you.